12 Responses to Old Spice: The Brand Your Brand Could Sell Like

  1. I admit, I’m amazed at the new-found popularity of Old Spice! I just bought some Old Spice yesterday for my 17 year-old son per his request, but my 18 year-old daughter didn’t want him to wear Old Spice because that’s what her boyfriend wears.

    And here I was thinking Old Spice was just for grandpas.

  2. Julie, that is so funny! Especially the part about your daughter’s boyfriend. :) More proof of the power of advertising–when done well.

  3. Old Spice was actually one of the few advertisements that made me want to buy the product.

    • Kali, thanks for commenting. Definitely the sign of an effective ad. Also, just the fact that you can remember the brand name. Too often the gags are generic and you can’t even remember the correct advertiser.

  4. Just thank your lucky stars that he didn’t want you to buy Axe. We hosted 7 of my teenage son’s friends at our very tiny cabin a few weeks ago, and my wife and I could barely breathe!

  5. Haha Jake about Axe! I used to like Axe a lot when it first came out. But then ALLLL the teenage boys started wearing it. A LOT of it! So I feel your pain about when you and your wife were stuck in a small cabin with 7 boys pouring on the Axe!!

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  10. I had never heard of Old Spice before the commercials, but my friend and I went to the grocery store and opened a bottle–it actually does smell AMAZING.
    And a note on the Axe situation–Boys like Axe. Girls like Old Spice.

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