Kohl’s Ad Inflicts Black’s “Friday” Earworm on Shoppers

Kohl's brings Rebecca Black's "Friday" back for "Black Friday". Now say that five times fast.

It had to happen. But I can’t decide if the new Kohl’s commercial is brilliant or insane. The only thing I’m sure of is that it’s insanely catchy.

Kohl’s is promoting their post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” holiday sale with a jingle set to the maddeningly ubiquitous viral hit “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

“Black Friday, Black Friday, gotta go to Kohl’s on Black Friday…”

SEO coup for Kohl’s?

Questions of musical taste and compassion for radio listeners aside, this jingle could be a coup for Kohls when it comes to search engine results. As Time points out: “Naturally, the term ‘Rebecca Black Friday’ is an undeniably potent combo.”

Hey, who’s that shopping at Kohl’s in the commercial? It looks like a cameo appearance by the real 14-year-old Rebecca Black (in a red coat)—or at least a dead ringer—at about :15 into the spot.

That darn song

At least Kohl’s humorously admits the earworm nature of the song with the last line. Time writes, “In perhaps the ultimate moment of humility and self-reflection, the Wisconsin-based department store acknowledges how annoying the song is: ‘Can’t get this darn song out of my head.’”

Self-reflection? Maybe. Just not much in the way of self-restraint.

Attraction or repellent

Will Rebecca Black’s “Friday” pull in customers, or repel them? Shop and see. Let me know if this commercial makes you want to brave a Kohl’s on Black Friday.

Kohl’s YouTube channel promises: “You’ll be singing this song every day until Black Friday. Guaranteed.” And that could be the problem. (I’m already sick of it on the radio.) As one popular YouTube commenter said, “well i know were [sic] NOT to go this black friday.”

If the song gets stuck in your head, here’s one sure way to get it out: start singing “It’s a Small World.”

8 responses to “Kohl’s Ad Inflicts Black’s “Friday” Earworm on Shoppers

  1. Dennis Carpenter

    I have seen this ad several times already and would have to call it brilliant and timely.

  2. I think it’s clever just in the sense that the song has a reputation for being so cheesy, and hence people want to share it with friends for a laugh, thus making those who may’ve laughed at the song previously feel inclined to share this ad with friends, hence giving Kohl’s the attention it’s seeking.

  3. I have to say up front that I hate the song, but I think Kohl’s ad might be the most brilliant bit of Black Friday marketing of this season, or any season in recent memory.
    As for you Mitch, I am going to have to slap you. I am still singing “It’s a Small World.”

  4. Hey, I like the commercial, I think it’s good and pretty clever use of the song. BTW, that video isn’t working anymore.

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