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Of Loitering and Lifesaving at Starbucks

Starbucks sez "No Loitering" ... without a tall latte.

A “No Loitering” sign at Starbucks?

Oh, the irony! What are all those comfy couches for anyway, if not an enticement to stay a while?

Although it was amusing, the sign was a bit of a buzz kill. It seemed to water down the chain’s carefully cultivated homey and inviting image. Not that anyone paid attention to it. (Except Yours Truly: I was loitering, waiting for a ride after dropping off my car for service.)

There’s a fine line between lounging and loitering. Obviously you can cross it by not patronizing the place with a purchase. But once you’ve bought your beverage, how else can you cross the line? Continue reading

Creative Job Search Succeeds By Targeting Self-Searchers

It’s not every job search effort that wins an award or gets picked up by the press. But in this instance it wasn’t by being flashy. Just focused.

Bucking the trend of outlandish portfolio packages and oversized mailers, one advertising creative stood out by keeping it simple.

Rebecca Cullers of AdWeek’s Ad Freak blog reports on the campaign of copywriter/director Alec Brownstein, whose job hunt succeeded by appealing to the vanity of creative directors. Continue reading

Are you man enough to blog as a "Super Woman"?

Are you a Super Woman?

Alicia Keys is Hiring.

That’s the headline of a full-page advertisement in today’s local paper. It’s an ad for a different kind of job that didn’t exist until just a few years ago: The pop diva is looking for a full-time blogger.

Less than one week remains to apply. According to the ad, “Alicia is looking for a head blogger to help spread her voice beyond music on IAAS.com, the new destination for super women everywhere.”

“IAAS” is short for “I Am A Super Woman.” But unfortunately, as the LA Times Ministry of Gossip notes, the complete initials were already taken by another group of party people. (No word on whether they’re hiring.)

I looked over the necessary skills and qualifications listed at Alicia’s Monster.com page. Then I looked again. Continue reading